Andy Penn
XC Race Team
Commencal Meta 6

Having ridden bikes since I was a kid, I got sucked into cross country racing while at uni in Southampton, in 2002. I entered my first race just for fun, and that is what I’ve kept on doing – I don’t let it get too serious!

Nearly ten years later and I can still be found racing many cross country events down in the south of the country, particular favourites are the Gorrick series, and the summer enduro events, where the focus is definitely on having a good time!

After graduating from uni in the summer of 2006, I spent the summer riding in Whistler as a guest in the EP lodge. On my return to the UK I began racing under the T2R flag. I’ve returned to the trails of BC several times since then, and each time I ride new, exciting and challenging trails.

Whilst I normally race the more traditional short course XC events, and the team-based 24 hour races, this doesn’t stop me from being an all round mountain biker, who enjoys the challenge of any trail, up or down, the more technical the better!

So this year I’ll be seen in T2R colours at the following races…


  • Gorrick Spring Series (Rounds 1, 2, 4 & 5)
  • Mountain Mayhem 24 Hour
  • Megavalanche
  • Gorrick Autumn Series (Rounds 1 & 2)
  • Thetford Winter Series