Apr 20th
Gorrick Spring Series Round 5 race report from T2R rider Andy Penn

The final round of the Gorrick Spring Series already, where is the year disappearing to? Mid-April and temperatures soaring into the twenties, after weeks of dry weather, meant the trails all around were in tip-top condition. The cracking weather also meant that the car park was full at Frith Hill, as the sunshine tempted all those fair-weather riders out to race! (I thought that all the earlier races in the series that I had been at had been good weather, from January through to April…!)

My pre-race preparation had involved going to a friend’s wedding the day before (plenty of carb-loading there…!) but still managing to get to the race in time to ride around and make an attempt at warming up, unlike the last race! I got myself a third row spot on the startline and prepared to get pedalling.

The start was on a hard tarmac surface, quickly turning onto a dusty fireroad. This meant for one quick getaway! In all the mayhem I mostly succeeded in getting dust in my eyes, and it felt like I lost a bunch of places. Oh well, just carry on riding!

The course was brilliant. No real killer climbs, just a bunch of short sharp ones that were quickly dispatched with. There was some awesome flowing singletrack, and also some equally great rooty twisty techy bombhole infested singletrack. A proper good course, I did enjoy it. And not a spot of mud, just dry and dusty trails!

I made a conscious effort to keep pushing throughout the race, and didn’t let any riders get out of my sight, and I don’t think I let too many past me. I always had a target to aim for – the rider in front – so that kept me lapping at a consistent 22 minutes a lap.

Crossing the finish line, I finally did get my position called out over the PA system, and it was 12th. Another 12th place finish in this Spring Series, and this time without any lucky overtaking moves (unlike Round 1!). This also meant I kept to my goal of a top 20 finish in all the rounds, so overall very happy!