Jan 7th
Is it a good idea to come to Whistler during Crankworx?

Each year Whistler hosts the world’s premier mountain biking festival, Crankworx. This event sees the best mountain bikers in the world competing in a range of events that range from the Fat Tire Crit to the Canadian Open Enduro, to the Downhill Garbanzo, to the Redbull Joyride slope style event, as well as a large number of events in between.

The festival lasts for 10 days, during which there is an impressive calendar of races, a good number of trade stands, product demo events, and a comprehensive diary of evening entertainment, free concerts and the legendary Block Party.

2011 Crankworx Joyride start jump

It is probably because of the scale of the event that makes perspective guests ask the question, “is it a good idea to Whistler during Crankworx?”  Certainly all the online and magazine coverage of the event helps give the uninitiated the impression that the whole of the Whistler Bike Park is effectively closed off for the Crankworx festival .

Crankworx expo area

Actually this is far from the case. The Whistler Bike Park is fully operational during Crankworx, with access to the whole park with the exception of the trail that is being raced on that day. Of course Whistler in general is busier during Crankworx than in other weeks during the summer, however with the scale of Whistler Bike Park there are more than enough trails to keep riders entertained and spaced out so it never feels busy on the trails. Plus you have the benefit of being able to enjoy all the additional entertainment that takes place in the Whistler village during the festival such as the Deep Summer Photo Challenge and numerous live music events in the evenings.  

Dan Atherton racing in the Crankworx Duel Slalom 2011

Crankworx’s  events are not only for professional racers, as most of the signature events such as the Garbanzo, DH-Air, Canadian Open, Canadain Open Enduro and the Duel Slalom all have open categories which anyone can enter, adding another benefit to coming to Whistler during the festival.  

At Ticket2Ride we have had a number of guests and guides who have entered events over the years, with a number of guests who come specifically to take part in the events.

In the past few seasons we have enjoyed some great Crankworx’s results. To date our 2011 season was the best with our Head Guide Kris taking the gold in the Canadian Open and the Garbanzo, as well as Silver in the Canadian Open Enduro.

T2R riders Kris and Nick with their Crankworx medals

So if you are planning a trip to Whistler this summer, but are concerned about whether Crankworx is a good time to come or a time to avoid, my recommendation would be that it is a great time to come and ride the Whistler trails and see some of the impressive events, especially the Redbull Joyride slope style event, which is always spectacular.

View down to the village from the Redbull Joyride course

For 2012 the Crankworx Festival in Whistler is taking place from the 10th to the 19th of August.