May 8th
Pre Season T2R Team Ride on Mount Seymour

As we eagerly await the opening of the trails here in Whistler, the team at T2R have been getting in some riding at the other locations we ride at such as Mount Seymour on the Vancouver Northshore.

Riding the Northshore trails is a very different experience to the riding in other locations on the Sea to Sky corridor.

The well established trails on the shore have had a huge amount of work done on them over the years which has helped develop sustainable trail building techniques that are now replicated all over the world.

Sean, Dan, Stu and I were down on the Vancouver North Shore firstly to support the NSMBA annual bike swap, which is a great fund raiser for the organisation. Basically the NSMBA manages a massive bike sale each year and this raises funds as they get a commission from each bike sold at the event.

As bikes have to be dropped off on the Friday night, we brought the bikes we were selling down on the Friday night and then opted to stay the night at a cheap hotel, so we would be in the areas early on the Saturday morning to get in some riding on the trails.

The weather was a little overcast but it was dry and so Saturday morning after running a few errands we drove to the base of Mount Seymour where we hooked up with a friend from Whistler, Pete O’Lochlann.

Stu at Mount Seymour

We took turns to do the shuttle drive up to the mid way car park to access Incline, and then access the other trails such as Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Pangor and Corkscrew.

Riding on Mount Seymour

Riding the trails on the shore is such good fun. The combination of rock armoured trails with optional features to hit as you rip down the fast flowing trails. 

We got in four runs during the afternoon which was great fun. The trails were in good condition despite the snow levels off to the side of the trails at some of the higher points.

End of the trail

After our afternoons fun, we headed back to the NSMBA bike swap where one of the bikes we had dropped off had sold and so we collected our cheque and the bikes that didn’t sell and returned back to Whistler, looking forward to the next time we will be back on the Northshore to ride the trails again.