Apr 6th
Ticket2RideBC team ride in Squamish, March 26th.

A bright and sunny Saturday morning on March 26th meant just one thing to the Ticker2RideBC household, riding in Squamish, so we loaded up the F150 with a selection of Commencal bikes and headed off down the Sea to Sky highway to Republic bikes.

Unloading the Bikes at Republic Bikes

Having arrived at the bike shop, we parked up and got ready to set off. There were four of us along for the ride, Stu, Sean, Dan and Peter (me).

We had a selection of Commencal bikes to try out on the ride including a couple of Meta 5.5s a Meta 6 and the one we all wanted to try, a brand new Commencal Ramones Cromo.

Dan with the New Ramones Cromo

Dan was to take the first spin on this responsive hardtail trail bike. Our route was one that will be familiar to many of Ticket2RideBC’s guests as it took in a number of the trails we normally ride but we mixed it up by riding a few of the trails that are shut to riders in the summer months.

Considering the amount of snow that had been on some of the low trails on our last ride we were all surprised to see how good the trail conditions were, with almost no wet sections and very little standing snow.

Dan on the 4 Lakes Trail

Our route started with a pacey run along the Dump trails and then through a section that has recently been cleared by the forestry, then over to Alice Lake and up to the four Lakes trail, Credit line and Jacks trail. The only snow we had encountered was along the back of Edith Lake, so we had had a pretty decent run without issue.

At Jack’s trail we swapped bikes, with Dan giving up the Ramones Cromo and taking the Meta 6 I had been riding instead. It was at this point we divided and went our separate ways, with Sean and I opting to take a fast descent down Bracken trail, whilst Stu and Dan opted for another climb to take in Crouching Squirrel before we all met back at the Brackendale Bean around the World coffee shop located next to Republic bikes for a coffee, piece of cake and a chat about the trails and bikes.

Rest point on the trail.

On review Both Dan and I were very pleased with the way the new Ramones Cromo rode however we would have both opted for a large frame version rather than the medium one that we have for our Commencal-Canada demo fleet.

Ramones Cromo

Dan’s opinion of the bike was it was superb fun on the trails and very responsive when pushed at a pace on the trails, and good for the climbs, not to mention it’s a good looking bike with it’s Spank Industries components. The only non-stock item on the bike was a Gamut duel ring chain device that we add to most of our bikes as they are so good for keeping the drive chain in place on the rocky and rooty trails we tackle here.

It’s a great trail bike which is ideal for the type of trails we have in Squamish; however I have to say I missed the skills compensator of rear suspension for the fast descent down Bracken trail, but the bike still made the descent awesome fun to ride.

So after a refuelling session and a chat with Armand in Republic Bikes it was time to head back up to Whistler.